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SmartAI | Lifetime

150.00 EUR
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External aimbot that uses machine learning, which recognizes objects in a certain range, then aims at the object and shoots.

Does not interfere in any way with the memory of the game, it learns to recognize objects/players.

Constantly being improved and learns to become better overtime!




Enable/Disable- Enable and Disable the Aimbot

Simple RCS - (Simple version of recoil control that only pull down when shooting)

Draw Area Rectangle - Draw the rectangle of the screen portion where aim bot is running

Bone type - Choose between Head and Body

Draw Mini Overlay - Draw in-game mini overlay

PauseKey -  Keys that will pause aimbot snapping and resume after Shoot key is pressed again

AimKey- Key that will trigger aimbot snapping into target while held down

RCS Power - Amount of pixels to move down after shooting to reduce recoil

SmoothAim - Value to make a delay when snapping to target making a smooth mouse moving effect (RAGE/LEGIT Settings)

Confidence - How confidence SmartAI is to know if it's a player

FOV Size

FOV Color

Name Color

Crosshair Color

Line Color

EnemyBox Color

Draw FOV Square

Draw Name

Draw Crosshair

Draw Line

Draw EnemyBox


and more....


Lifetime - Purchase includes product lifetime updates.

Installation - This comes with a YouTube video showing you how to setup our software to use in-game. We also have a detailed guide on our website! 

Support - You have unlimited support 24/7 that can help you. You can contact our support directly through our discord!



We have professionally encoded our software to be undetectable by any anti-cheating tool on the market. So we can proudly confirm that no clients have been banned using any of our products. We've been selling software since 2017, without any bans.




DECENT GPU - Will require you to have a decent GPU!



You may pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin.

After purchase you will receive your purchased product on this website under "Manage Purchases".

You will receive a download link and license key instantly.

CONTACT - DISCORD: Aptitude#2684

(Copy username into discord to add me)


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