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  1. I have been using Aptitude Products since rocketr. and now im here on the new website. So it's been like a year of using Project Orange. I thought id make a review but i though i had already made one. Im going to do it like @Taketwosince it looked nice. The Good: Well, it started off simple, and its still very simple. I love how simple it is, and not need to tab out of game to change stuff etc. Everything is already set up and you only need to press some keys. The interface is very nice and clean and makes you feel good. I have been using this for 1 year and still have no bans. Safety seems like something that definitely stands out here since there aint any bans whatsoever from the looks of it. I cannot control recoil at all and i cannt play without project orange, its so helpful and makes me so much better its insane. I definitely recommend it and it gets better all the time. it says everywhere that recoil scripts thingys are detected but project ornange isnt so The Bad: I think it was better back in the days, exremely good but nowadays they change recoil so often it might be hard to keep up. Its still very good and worth it since you so easily can control recoil but that would want to be changed. also it woul be cool if you could change the weapons to your own hotkeys instead of the default ones. But im fine with the default ones atm. I give the app itself a 4 out a of 5. sorry for bad english.
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