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  1. Smart-AI has been indefinitely removed from the store as the all slots were reached a while ago. Do not ask me regarding Smart-AI. Thank you.
  2. Interested in our spoofer? Watch these videos to find out more!
  3. We've recently changed the host for our website, added cloudflare and much more to make the website much faster, optimized and secure. Website should now be at 99.99% uptime and all the downtime issues that we used to had should be gone completely.
  4. Violence currently has over 250 users. Here are some feedback that we have gathered over the last year. Note: All these reviews are genuine and made from real people. Updated 1/28/2021
  5. Interested in our rust script? Watch these videos to find out more!
  6. This is just to let everyone know that the website is under construction as we have now updated the website to the latest version of IPBoard. We have also changed the theme and are working on fixing bugs on the website and making other adjustments. We have made other changes as well, removed unnecessary sub-forums, changed sliders, updated information and the chatbox is now available to everyone once registered. We are not done yet, and will be changing a lot more over the next days! If you find any issues on the website, please let me know in the chatbox or o
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