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  5. Smart-AI has been indefinitely removed from the store as the all slots were reached a while ago. Do not ask me regarding Smart-AI. Thank you.
  6. Interested in our spoofer? Watch these videos to find out more!
  7. We've recently changed the host for our website, added cloudflare and much more to make the website much faster, optimized and secure. Website should now be at 99.99% uptime and all the downtime issues that we used to had should be gone completely.
  8. Purchase manually to receive a discount.

    Contact me on discord for more information: Aptitude#2684



    Supported AntiCheats: EasyAntiCheat/BattleEye.

    Supported Windows: All Windows-10 versions.

    Supported CPU's: Intel & AMD Supported.

    From 20.00 EUR/month
  9. Purchase manually to receive a 10 EUR discount.

    Contact me on discord for more information: Aptitude#2684


    External aimbot that uses machine learning, which recognizes objects in a certain range, then aims at the object and shoots.

    Does not interfere in any way with the memory of the game, it learns to recognize objects/players.

    Constantly being improved and learns to become better overtime!



    AutoAimDelayMs - Amount of milliseconds to keep tracking enemy after shooting key has been released 

    DisableKey - Keys that will disable/enable aimbot

    DrawAreaRectangle - Draw the rectangle of the screen portion where aim bot is running

    DrawOpacity - Draw opacity value for rectangle and enemy outline

    DrawText - Draw text in the upper left

    Head - Snap automatically to head position else it will snap to center of enemy's mass (May cause missing shots due to unhandled recoil for far away targets.)

    PauseKey -  Keys that will pause aimbot snapping and resume after Shoot key is pressed again

    ShootKeys - Keys that will trigger aimbot snapping into target while held down

    SimpleRCS - Simple Recoil Control System Enabled

    SimpleRCSvalue - Amount of pixels to move down after shooting to reduce recoil

    SizeX - Size of window width

    SizeY - Size of window height

    SmoothAim - Value to make a delay when snapping to target making a smooth mouse moving effect (RAGE/LEGIT Settings)



    Lifetime - Purchase includes product lifetime updates.

    Installation - This comes with a YouTube video showing you how to setup our software to use in-game. We also have a detailed guide on our website! 

    Support - You have unlimited support 24/7 that can help you. You can contact our support directly on the website or on discord!



    We have professionally encoded our software to be undetectable by any anti-cheating tool on the market. So we can proudly confirm that no clients have been banned using any of our products. We've been selling software for 3 years, without any bans.

    🔒 Software never interacts with the game, game window or the games files.

    🔒 100% undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool.

    🔒 Randomize the recoil values easily using the slide. Which will turn the spray pattern unique.

    🔒 Clean streams, replays, and screenshots

    🔒 Working with every mouse

    🔒 Product receives regular updates

    🔒 No program or mouse software needed!

    🔒 Our software are fully undetected on: Battleye, Xenuine, Xingcode3, Faceit and EAC



    DECENT GPU - Will require you to have a decent GPU!



    You may only pay with PayPal here, but if you want to pay in another way, feel free to ask the developer! 

    After purchase you will receive your purchased product on this website under "Manage Purchases".

    You will receive a download link instantly to the software. However - You will need to contact me on discord to get your license key.

    CONTACT - DISCORD: Aptitude#2684

    (Copy username into discord to add me)


    From 30.00 EUR/month
  10. Violence currently has over 250 users. Here are some feedback that we have gathered over the last year. Note: All these reviews are genuine and made from real people. Updated 1/28/2021
  11. Interested in our rust script? Watch these videos to find out more!
  12. This is just to let everyone know that the website is under construction as we have now updated the website to the latest version of IPBoard. We have also changed the theme and are working on fixing bugs on the website and making other adjustments. We have made other changes as well, removed unnecessary sub-forums, changed sliders, updated information and the chatbox is now available to everyone once registered. We are not done yet, and will be changing a lot more over the next days! If you find any issues on the website, please let me know in the chatbox or o
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